Fallout diorama – Raiders hideout

I just completed a small Fallout inspired diorama. It is a ruined building inhabited by raiders.

And below are basically the only making-of photos to show the process… I’ve been forgetting to document things lately

Here’s a raider I made from some different bits + greenstuff. Forgot to take pictures unpainted….

And here’s a little laser rifle I made for him out of styrene 🙂

Fits like a glove. Kinda.

Here’s a figure I didn’t use in this diorama but it gives an idea how you can convert bolt action ww2 miniatures into post apocalyptic figures. I’ve been having fun doing this to a few minis so far

Undead Lockaway diorama

Hello again. I just finished a smaller Dark Souls diorama of the Undead Lockaway, a small prison cell where you meet a shady character by the name of Creighton the Wanderer.

The main reason I made this is because I always really liked Creighton’s design and story. I made an approximation of him using a Perry Miniature figure with greenstuff for the facemask.

Cutting up the individual bricks for the wall was tedious but I think it was well worth the effort. It does look much better than walls I’ve done before.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at this!

H0 scale Robot repair shop

In addition to deep sea zoological research, the Belisarius is home to vast mining operations taking place along the ocean floor. This is one of several workshops located around the facility which helps to repair damaged equipment.

While it’s a bit rough looking, this is the most complex structure I have made so far. The small scale also allowed me to fit quite a lot into this case.

The roof is removable to help get a better look inside

The robot being repaired in the shop is one of several models which are utilized in the cramped mines below the ocean floor. These are semi-autonamous in that they still require a ‘partner’ mining engineer to help direct them and provide oversight if any issues arise. Mostly mechanical, with very basic AI.

A hallway to somewhere

Janitor cleaning up a leaky hallway

Fits nicely on my shelf.

This was a lot of fun to build. In my last h0 scale scene I built everything and then painted, so I had trouble painting neatly. With this I tried to keep everything separate and paint, then assemble. I ran into some issues with materials warping or just not fitting together as well as I thought they did… But I am happy with it overall.

After working on this ive got am itch to return to tye comforts of Dark Souls themed stuff for a bit. I hope you enjoyed checking this out!

The Witcher diorama

In addition to Dark Souls, The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games. So as a tribute I’ve made a small diorama featuring main character Geralt in combat with a spirit … of some sort. I mostly just liked the ghost sculpt. And there are ghosts in the game. So there you go.

I made the base so that you can swap the ghost out for other enemies from the game. Once I make them. This was a fun little project, and in addition to the usual Dark Souls stuff I’ve got plans for several other tributes to my favorite games.

H0 scale laboratory – Belisarius Research

Just tried making a “proof-of-concept” sort of thing. Trying out making modern looking stuff to see if I could make some scenes based on a large drawing I did a while back. This is in H0 scale which turned out to be very difficult for me to paint with my unsteady hands. Hopefully next time I can make things look a bit better.

The case it’s in is something I had laying around and thought it would be a nice way to display this. I initially measured and cut everything to fit snug into the case… and forgot to take into account the paint making everything a bit thicker. So I had trouble getting the finished piece into it. Some stuff got a bit crushed and I had to totally redo the ceiling.

Pay no mind to the creature in the vat

And for reference here’s a screenshot of one of the labs in the drawing this is inspired by.

Next time I think I’ll paint individual pieces first and then assemble after. Maybe that will help with all of the spill over I had on this one.

Fallout Diorama

Hello again! This diorama is inspired by one of my favorite series: Fallout. Matt over at Simple as War has been posting his updates on his awesome looking Fallout board which inspired me to finally put to use some bits that I’ve been collecting for just such a purpose.

This was a really fun build; I enjoyed finding random bits that I could turn into scattered details in the scene. The computer is a bit of sprue cut and glued on top of a piece of popsicle stick to form the keyboard. The barrels are screws I had laying around. And building at this scale is a nice way to save room on my shelf









The figures are Caesar miniatures 1/72 scale Modern Militia. I swapped torsos, legs, and heads to get decent poses for the scene. Painting these slightly smaller figures was interesting. They’re not super well done but I really like how they turned out. I had already painted the vault dweller when I decided he could use some leather armor. So I had to add greenstuff on top of the already painted figure. The running figure looked a bit plain so I made a gas mask out of greenstuff. Working with greenstuff is not my strong suit so i’m surprised I was able to make such a tiny thing and have it turn out okay

I have more stuff in the works now. Some of which are inspired by other games I love. And of course more Dark Souls dioramas are coming up

Thanks for checking this out

Something a little different soon, and something very different less soon 

The wishy-washy title sort of captures the headspace i’ve been in lately. I’m nearly finished with a little side project I’ve been working on and should be posting that soon. And speaking of side projects, I have many ideas in my head that I’ve been excited to try that leave the realm of my previous works. While I’m in the brainstorming stage of my next Dark Souls diorama, many other ideas and inspirations have been sidetracking me.

One of which would be a new (relatively large) project based on a drawing which was based on an idea floating around the internet many years back.

The idea was a concept for a survival horror type game set in an underwater zoological research facility named Belisarius. 

After reading about this it inspired me to start drawing the facility (with my limited means of MSPaint). And I continued drawing and adding onto this little by little for a few months. I ended up with a massive drawing of said facility and never really shared it with anyone. Years later the computer I was using to draw the thing just stopped working. It was an old machine and I wasn’t sure what else to do so it ended up being tossed out. I was always a little bummed that I lost that drawing. This recently popped back up in my mind and I did some digging through old email accounts and found a half finished version of this drawing that I sent to myself as a backup! So if like to share some bits and pieces of it here… And more as the project goes along (hopefully?)

Here’s a little section of one of the entry platforms into the station itself:

Along with the drawing came inspiration to build this facility in miniature. I doubt I would ever be able to make it all but I can make small sections, and maybe even piece them together to form a larger part of the station.

As I’m still relatively new to this hobby I would love any ideas or tips on getting this started. What scale would be best? I have limited space so smaller might be good. But I also would need to make sure there were figures available in that scale that could match what I’d like to do. I like the idea of showing a lot of the mundanity of everyday life in the facility so I was considering H0 scale as figures in normal non-combat poses are widely available. If I go that route, would I be able to find deep sea divers and submersible vehicles to modify and add into my scenes?

I appreciate any thoughts on the subject. And if anyone knows of any sources for suitable figures/vehicles I would love to hear it!