Getting started

Hey everyone, thanks for checking this site out. This is just a place that I plan to post photos or thoughts about whatever I happen to be working on. I very recently started getting into painting 28mm figures and making dioramas. I’m not great at this but it has been fun to try and learn and improve.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dark Souls games since very early on and I thought it would be a great place to take inspiration and try to create some of my favorite or iconic scenes from the games.

6 thoughts on “Getting started

    1. Hey Andrew, thanks for the kind words!
      I am not confident enough in my ability to do a commission at this point. I’d feel really bad about whatever I made if there were any stakes.
      Maybe sometime in the future….

      Again, thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it 🙂


      1. Understood. That said, I doubt anyone could find any flaw in your work, to be honest. Feel free to contact me should you ever change your mind!


  1. hey dude. I really like what you have done with your models. really really nice paint job and amazing looking miniatures but I have one gruling curiosity. where do you get the miniatures from?

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    1. Hey thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!
      The knights I have been using are Perry Miniatures. I recommend their plastic box sets. War of the Roses foot knights, and agincourt foot knights.
      The skeletons from my graveyard scene are Reaper Bones miniatures. They’re very affordable.

      I’d recommend if you’re in the US. If you’re EU then you can buy from the Perry site direct.

      You can Google some images of the sprues that all of the Perry bits come on to get an idea of what you’d be getting


      1. thank you very much. I’ve been looking almost everywhere to find soulsborne minis and things alike. I’m on the site now and it looks very promising. yet again thanks!

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