Jolly Cooperation

Here’s another small piece. The chosen undead’s first meeting with Solaire of Astora, where he gives the player the white sign soap stone.


The figures are Perry Miniatures bits, chopped up and converted as necessary, and a bit of greenstuff to add some extra details





And here’s a couple of ‘making-of’ photos









And done!


3 thoughts on “Jolly Cooperation

  1. I really like this little vignette. The moss adds interest, the interaction between the two miniatures is clear due to the poses and the Perry minis are obviously very suitable and well converted to convey this. What is the background story of the soapstone?

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    1. In the Dark Souls universe different types of soapstone are used to communicate/interact with different worlds. The soapstone received by Solaire here allows you to put down a sign for other people to see and summon you into their world for help. After meeting him here you also find his sign around the world and can summon him for help. So in the dark lonely world of Dark Souls this is the players first chance to see other people and get help.

      Thanks for your comment, it’s greatly appreciated!


      1. Thank you for the explanation. I actually played Dark Souls years ago and found the atmosphere and armour design to be excellent. Naturally the fighting system is also very nice and challenging. I don’t recall all the dwtails, as evidenced by the soapstone, but I really like the way you bring the universe alive in your dioramas/vignettes with seemingly simple scenes, that have a rich background story.

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