Undead Burg

Just finished work on my third diorama – A scene from the Undead Burg. My first time through this area was tough. I remember having a particularly hard time trying to manage fighting soldiers in the lower level as a hollow with a crossbow shot at me from above. This served as inspiration for this piece.

I haven’t really tried painting faces yet and I just knew I would end up with some goofy looking figures if I tried so I just used a wash to add a bit of depth to the faces. I think it works well enough for now.

The Undead Burg area consists largely of elevated rooftop areas so I tried to add some height to this diorama to reflect that

When making things I tend to just start making cuts in foam and get rough shapes for what I need. I don’t really measure anything, so things may not fit together very cleanly. But I’m happy with how it looks. I only had a rough idea for what I wanted and just added on as I went. I had actually completely finished the top half but then I started thinking it could use a little bit of height to sell the ‘rooftop’ vibe. So the lower half was quickly put together as the last step.

Here’s the lower half on a larger base than I ended up using

I was testing out spacing with figures here

Using a pen I pressed some detail into the foam

Things start to come together with painting

To make the arrow in the shield/on the ground I used a part of a staple for the shaft, and a small piece of a plastic polearm and flattened it in some pliers to create the fletching

Here are the hollows I made for this diorama. I took some basic plastic mercenaries and carved their arms/legs/waist to be thinner and more undead looking. I shaved off their noses and cut the mouths a bit deeper to give them the right look

And done. I forget to take enough “in-between” photos to show the process of making things, and it’s always interesting to me when I’m looking at other people’s stuff. So I will try to get better at that on future projects.

Thanks for checking this out, I hope you enjoyed it!

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