Taurus Demon

Just started work on the Taurus Demon encounter. This is only a very rough layout that I’ve come up with so far. I like very compact scenes that don’t take up a ton of space. And unfortunately I think this layout may be too big for my liking and have a lot of dead space.

I was really pleased with the walls I made. Carving the crenulations along the top was a bit tedious but I’m happy with the result.

I also don’t know of a good way to texture and detail cardboard to make it look like a stone wall. Foam is easy to indent and carve, but I’m at a loss for how to work with the cardboard used for the tower. If anyone has any tips or methods they use please let me know.

I may finish this if I can come up with some solutions for my problems with this. Or I may do something different for now depending on what mood strikes

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