Undead Parish

Hello all,

Here is the latest thing i’ve completed; The Undead Parish. This should be a familiar spot for anyone who’s played Dark Souls. In this section of the church you’ll find an elevator. If you’re like me, you were terrified when you first entered, the gate closes, and you start a descent into the unknown. Fortunately this turns out to be one of the most useful early game shortcuts back to Firelink Shrine. Hooray!


With this diorama I tried a few things that are relatively new to me; I wanted to attempt to create more small details to help set the scene, and I also finally had a shot at painting old rusty armor. Since most of the enemies that you encounter early in the game are Undead it is only fitting that their equipment be old and worn out looking. I may have gone too far with the rust effect on the Balder Knight but I’m glad I gave it a try.

Carried on the knight’s back is the East-West shield, a battered wooden shield with a great design on it. I did not do it justice, but I wanted to try something different than the usual Knight’s shield that I have done in the past. The Estus flask on his belt is made by a small bead and a bit of plastic on top for the neck of the bottle.

I’m very happy with how this scene turned out. I’ve been making these all from memory for the most part, and I think I captured the feel of this section of the Parish. To start I created a general layout with some foam to figure out the spacing, then cut out the stairs, doorways, glued sections down, and added on more structures as needed.

One of the things I’m glad I tried was the bookshelves. I saw this method online where you just wrap construction paper around one side of a popsicle stick or foam, glue It, then cut out the shapes of books. I used some old business cards and construction paper.

The Balder Knight was created from an armored skeleton figure made by Reaper Miniatures. Snipped the arms off and repositioned them, gave him a sword and new shield, then added some greenstuff for a cape and some shape for added armor.

Hope you liked checking this out. More to come soon!

4 thoughts on “Undead Parish

  1. Despite following your blog I haven’t had prompts regarding your recent posts so have just been looking. Some lovely stuff, you must be pleased. Love the finer detail you are adding to your dioramas. Great figures too but it’s the little things that always catch my eye. All the best.


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