Something a little different soon, and something very different less soon 

The wishy-washy title sort of captures the headspace i’ve been in lately. I’m nearly finished with a little side project I’ve been working on and should be posting that soon. And speaking of side projects, I have many ideas in my head that I’ve been excited to try that leave the realm of my previous works. While I’m in the brainstorming stage of my next Dark Souls diorama, many other ideas and inspirations have been sidetracking me.

One of which would be a new (relatively large) project based on a drawing which was based on an idea floating around the internet many years back.

The idea was a concept for a survival horror type game set in an underwater zoological research facility named Belisarius. 

After reading about this it inspired me to start drawing the facility (with my limited means of MSPaint). And I continued drawing and adding onto this little by little for a few months. I ended up with a massive drawing of said facility and never really shared it with anyone. Years later the computer I was using to draw the thing just stopped working. It was an old machine and I wasn’t sure what else to do so it ended up being tossed out. I was always a little bummed that I lost that drawing. This recently popped back up in my mind and I did some digging through old email accounts and found a half finished version of this drawing that I sent to myself as a backup! So if like to share some bits and pieces of it here… And more as the project goes along (hopefully?)

Here’s a little section of one of the entry platforms into the station itself:

Along with the drawing came inspiration to build this facility in miniature. I doubt I would ever be able to make it all but I can make small sections, and maybe even piece them together to form a larger part of the station.

As I’m still relatively new to this hobby I would love any ideas or tips on getting this started. What scale would be best? I have limited space so smaller might be good. But I also would need to make sure there were figures available in that scale that could match what I’d like to do. I like the idea of showing a lot of the mundanity of everyday life in the facility so I was considering H0 scale as figures in normal non-combat poses are widely available. If I go that route, would I be able to find deep sea divers and submersible vehicles to modify and add into my scenes?

I appreciate any thoughts on the subject. And if anyone knows of any sources for suitable figures/vehicles I would love to hear it!

3 thoughts on “Something a little different soon, and something very different less soon 

  1. Fantastic looking idea, and the thought of building such a thing would be glorious! I think the aesthetic looks perfect, a bit of a retro Bond/2001/Moon vibe which would be good fun to model (my own Intergalactic super villain lair never got off the ground, boo).

    Is HO about 15mm Scale? If so, it’s pretty decent size wise and there are some great miniatures available; Khurasan miniatures (US based) are a particular favourite and I think some of their sci fi and pulp ranges include a number of aquatic themed beings/monsters. That said, 15mm is undergoing quite a renaissance at the moment and there are a good variety of manufacturers producing great stuff.

    15mm is also a good Scale for using random bits and bobs for scenery and conversions, and some bargain toys (hotwheels, etc) scale pretty well with them.

    Anyway, enough rambling, this looks like a really exciting project and I hope you’re able to start soon!

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    1. From what I’ve read H0 falls right between 15mm and 20mm… And wow! That place has some great stuff! I could definitely use some things from there. Good to know there are plenty of options around that scale. I may end up going with H0 after all


  2. Heh mate ,I love the bit about getting excited and mind moving onto your next project ,it happens to me most of the time ,I’m having it now ,I am supposed to be working on my dio for the retreat from Corunna but out in the shed making the base for the English civil war .I’m glad I’m not alone in getting ahead of oneself . Now to your project ,it will need to be small scale to fit into anyone’s but a museums space .as I only do 1/72 I still have problems fitting what is in my head onto a reasonable sized base , so my advice is to look at the HO as you mentioned ,( 1/72 is very limited when it comes to modern civilians ) and I would have a look at Preiser figures if you have not already done so ,they have a lot of modern figs. that may be more along your line of thinking . Your work (fun work ) is really good so keep at it , but remember to call mister Discipline in when your brain races of onto the next project .

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