H0 scale laboratory – Belisarius Research

Just tried making a “proof-of-concept” sort of thing. Trying out making modern looking stuff to see if I could make some scenes based on a large drawing I did a while back. This is in H0 scale which turned out to be very difficult for me to paint with my unsteady hands. Hopefully next time I can make things look a bit better.

The case it’s in is something I had laying around and thought it would be a nice way to display this. I initially measured and cut everything to fit snug into the case… and forgot to take into account the paint making everything a bit thicker. So I had trouble getting the finished piece into it. Some stuff got a bit crushed and I had to totally redo the ceiling.

Pay no mind to the creature in the vat

And for reference here’s a screenshot of one of the labs in the drawing this is inspired by.

Next time I think I’ll paint individual pieces first and then assemble after. Maybe that will help with all of the spill over I had on this one.

6 thoughts on “H0 scale laboratory – Belisarius Research

    1. I had it laying around for a while… I believe it was a container for some sort of candies… I’ve also seen acrylic baseball display cases sold at hobby shops that would be good for this and are slightly bigger. Couple of bucks.


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