The Witcher diorama

In addition to Dark Souls, The Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games. So as a tribute I’ve made a small diorama featuring main character Geralt in combat with a spirit … of some sort. I mostly just liked the ghost sculpt. And there are ghosts in the game. So there you go.

I made the base so that you can swap the ghost out for other enemies from the game. Once I make them. This was a fun little project, and in addition to the usual Dark Souls stuff I’ve got plans for several other tributes to my favorite games.

3 thoughts on “The Witcher diorama

  1. Very nice conversion and great scene arrangement. Did you use a Foot Knight head and added a beard? Good idea to keep the ghost removable. You cna also embed a magnet in the soil and attach a miniature that way.

    I would also add a tree or something to add further interest to the diorama.

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