Fallout diorama – Raiders hideout

I just completed a small Fallout inspired diorama. It is a ruined building inhabited by raiders.

And below are basically the only making-of photos to show the process… I’ve been forgetting to document things lately

Here’s a raider I made from some different bits + greenstuff. Forgot to take pictures unpainted….

And here’s a little laser rifle I made for him out of styrene 🙂

Fits like a glove. Kinda.

Here’s a figure I didn’t use in this diorama but it gives an idea how you can convert bolt action ww2 miniatures into post apocalyptic figures. I’ve been having fun doing this to a few minis so far

2 thoughts on “Fallout diorama – Raiders hideout

  1. Well matey ,as an old guy I don’t normally get to blown away by others works ,generally great ,good or just ok and maybe a bit more attention needed ,never bad , which is why we soldier on at our passion, never a negative,we are all trying out things and experimenting never scared to give it a go . So to be honest ,you have just pushed the bar a bit higher on this job mate , I just love the detail you have put into this one ,one that really got my attention is the weatherboards and flooring ,brilliant .


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