Fallout Diorama

Hello again! This diorama is inspired by one of my favorite series: Fallout. Matt over at Simple as War has been posting his updates on his awesome looking Fallout board which inspired me to finally put to use some bits that I’ve been collecting for just such a purpose.

This was a really fun build; I enjoyed finding random bits that I could turn into scattered details in the scene. The computer is a bit of sprue cut and glued on top of a piece of popsicle stick to form the keyboard. The barrels are screws I had laying around. And building at this scale is a nice way to save room on my shelf









The figures are Caesar miniatures 1/72 scale Modern Militia. I swapped torsos, legs, and heads to get decent poses for the scene. Painting these slightly smaller figures was interesting. They’re not super well done but I really like how they turned out. I had already painted the vault dweller when I decided he could use some leather armor. So I had to add greenstuff on top of the already painted figure. The running figure looked a bit plain so I made a gas mask out of greenstuff. Working with greenstuff is not my strong suit so i’m surprised I was able to make such a tiny thing and have it turn out okay

I have more stuff in the works now. Some of which are inspired by other games I love. And of course more Dark Souls dioramas are coming up

Thanks for checking this out